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This is how we made our website

  • 1.

    Computer's only using 100% green energy

    The computers used to make this website were running on 100% renewable energy coming from a combination of wind and solar power.

  • 2.

    100% green hosting

    To host our website we are using a Digital Ocean datacenter located in Frankfurt, Germany. The Interxion datacenter is running on 100% renewable energy and the excess heat from the data center is used to heat parts of Frankfurt.

  • 3.

    Dark-mode as standard

    To lower the power consumption from devices visiting our website we chose to use a dark-mode as standard. Today there are over a billion mobile devices using OLED displays around the world and by using dark tones we can lower the power consumption on those devices visiting our website.

  • 4.

    Image compression

    Images are some of the heaviest elements on a page and that is why we compress our images and use the WebP format when supported in your browser.

  • 5.

    Videos without autoplay

    Videos on our website will not automatically be playing or loading. We display a thumbnail and once you click the image we render the video.

  • 6.


    Our website makes use of two lightweight fonts "Cardo" and "Open Sans" from Google Fonts. Our fonts files are compressed and saved as WOFF2 and since our server is running on renewable energy, we host our own fonts instead of using a CDN.

  • 7.

    Vanilla Javascript & TypeScript

    Our website does not require any demanding scripts and that is why we chose to use plain Vanilla Javascript with TypeScript instead of heavy libraries like JQuery.

  • 8.

    Sustainable web design

    Our web design is made with strict sustainability principles in mind and all HTML, CSS and Javascript is customised in order to remove unused and bloated code. Instead of focusing on animations and design we focus on the content we provide.

  • 9.

    Lightweight backend

    When building our backend code we chose a lightweight Express server to lower the requirements for our VPS.