On this page we have gathered relevant information related to sustainable web design and ethical practices. The collection consist of books, courses, videos and articles to provide you as much information as possible.

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  • Sustainable Web Design In 20 Lessons - Michael Andersen book cover

    Sustainable Web Design In 20 Lessons - Michael Andersen

    The book is for the web designer and the intermediate website owner. It will teach you what sustainable web design is and give you valuable tools and tips you can use to make your website more sustainable. Click here to read more about the book and it's content.

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  • Sustainable Web Design - Tom Greenwood book cover

    Sustainable Web Design - Tom Greenwood

    Sustainable Web Design is a very interesting topic, but it can be confusing when you first start. This book by Tom Greenwood is the perfect one to explain everything you need to know and to inspire you to learn more. We wrote an article about the book which includes a short interview with Tom, and you can click here to read it.

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  • The Ethical Design Handbook book cover

    The Ethical Design Handbook

    Sustainable Web Design doesn’t only consist of environmental acts. It also contain ethical design which is where we put people first. In this handbook from Trine Falbe, Kim Andersen and Martin Frederiksen you get introduced to every nook and cranny that has to do with ethical design.

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  • World Wide Waste book cover

    World Wide Waste - Gerry McGovern

    World wide waste is an excellent book that explains in details how we today pollute our world through fast and badly produced electronics and information. It dives into development, and gives you answers to things such as whether a book or an e-book pollutes the most. World Wide Waste is an eye-opener and if you are interested in sustainability you should give it a try.

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  • Designing For Sustainability book cover

    Designing for sustainability - Tim Frick

    Designing for sustainability is an eye opener that lets you explore green web hosting, sustainable business practices and much more. Tim Frick’s Designing for sustainability is a great book to introduce you to the concept of sustainable design.

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  • Green I/O

    In this podcast Gaël Duez talks about sustainable technology and much more. You can for example listen to exciting episodes with Chris Adams and Hannah Smith.

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  • Environment variables

    It’s a great and interesting podcast hosted by The Green Software Foundation.

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  • Green the web

    Insightful and interesting podcast including ecological and social user research, information architecture, and user interface design.

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