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How to convert your images to WEBP or AVIF

“We” as website owners or web designers constantly look for ways to improve the loading speed of our website and one of the things you can do is to convert your JPG, PNG or GIF images to either WEBP or AVIF / AV1.

Converting our images to either WEBP or AVIF carries more advantages than just improving the loading speed, it also makes your website less polluting and it improves your SEO score which results in higher organic ranking. In this tutorial we will teach You how you easily and quick can convert your images to either WEBP or the new AVIF format.

If you haven’t heard about either WEBP or AVIF then we have written an article about each of the formats which you can access by clicking the links below:

Click here to read about the WEBP format.

Click here to read about the AVIF / AV1 format.

1. Go to Convertios website

Today there are many online converters available, but one of the best we have found is Convertio. Convertio lets you upload your JPG, GIF or PNG image, converts it to the desired format and then last lets you download it to your device.

Click here if You want to convert JPG to WEBP

Click here if You want to convert JPG to AVIF

2. Upload your images

Once you have opened Convertios website you get to choose which files you would like to upload and convert. You can upload files from your device, Dropbox, Google Drive and even with a direct link to an image on a website.

3. Convert your files

Once you have added your files you have to ensure you have chosen the correct file formats to convert. At the left side you choose the original file format and on the right you choose the format you would like to convert your images to. Once you have ensured that you are using the right formats you can click the convert button to convert and afterwards download your new images.


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