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5 inspiring videos about sustainable web design

In this article, we will focus on the material that already exists on the internet and therefore we have listed 5 inspiring videos about sustainable web design. 

The list is a mix of informational videos and videos putting theories into practice. By watching these videos you will get a better in-depth understanding of what sustainable web design is and how to apply it.

1# Understanding Sustainable Web Design

"Understanding Sustainable Web Design" is an hour-long video explaining the concept from some of the bigger names in the industry like Tim Frick from Mightybytes and Tom Greenwood, author of Sustainable Web Design and owner of Wholegrain Digital.

2# How Eco-friendly Web Design Solve Environmental Issues

"How Eco-friendly Web Design Solve Environmental Issues" is a short 5 minutes video explaining the basics of sustainable web design on how much the internet pollutes today. By watching this video, you will in only 5 minutes understand the impact of the internet and why we need to do something about this problem.

3# Best Green Webhosting Comparison

"Best Green Webhosting Comparison" is a short video listing out some of the best green web hosting companies to choose from. In the list, you see companies such as GreenGeeks and FatCow which are very well known for their green hosting initiatives. 

4# Tom Greenwood - Sustainable UX For Everyone

This video is a 22 minutes long presentation made by Tom Greenwood and he explains some of the things you can do to make your website more sustainable. In the video, he is going over the use of images, why you should optimize fonts, why you should use fever animations and icons, and much more.

5# Intro To Green Graphic And Web Design

"Intro To Green Graphic And Web Design" is an hour-long webinar talking about the fundamentals of green web design and what it means to be sustainable both on the web and in print.