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  • Calendar logo 19 Feb 2023

New Open-Source Project: Sustainable WWW Wiki

We are proud to announce that the new open-source project Sustainable WWW Wiki is now published to the world. The project has been in the making for a while, but finally, the publish button has been hit and we are ready to launch.

The Sustainable WWW Wiki is an open-source database containing knowledge and experience from web designers and developers across the world. We wanted to create a single database where everyone can look up sustainable practices, knowledge tips, and tricks that will help them achieve more sustainable websites. Today sustainable practices are pretty much left to the designers' or developers' own imagination, but by saving everything into a single open-source database no one has to reinvent the wheel.

The Sustainable WWW Wiki is also taking part in GitHub's Arctic Vault | GitHub Archive Program which means that the contributions we create today will be saved in cold storage that will make our discoveries accessible to people for thousands of years. The mistakes we make today should not be the mistakes of the future.

The Wiki that we have created is still new and doesn't contain much information. But over time we will gather useful information that will help everyone create a more sustainable internet. 

You can check out our new Wiki by clicking the navigation link in the header, or by clicking this link: Sustainable WWW Wiki.

How to contribute

We built the Sustainable WWW Wiki as an open-source project which means everyone is welcome to contribute with their knowledge. The more information we can gather, the better we can make the internet. 

The articles in the project are built using a markdown structure. So, each article is a .md file and each category in the project is a folder. This approach makes it easy for everyone to maintain and contribute to the project, no matter if you are a designer, UI/UX specialist, web developer, or something completely different. 

To read more about how you can contribute to the Sustainable WWW Wiki, and help us create a database full of sustainable practices that will be stored for thousands of years, please check out our GitHub repository where you will find a markdown template and further instructions. 

Link: Sustainable WWW Wiki GitHub Repository.

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