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Our mission

  • 1.

    Lowering carbon dioxide emissions

    Our mission is first and foremost to lower the world wide carbon dioxide emissions caused by the internet. We do that by teaching web developers, web designers and website owners how to make their websites sustainable through tutorials and articles. Today the internet is responsible for 3.7% of the yearly carbon dioxide emissions and it is expected to double within the next years. That is why we make it our top priority to teach as many people our sustainable methods so we can lower these numbers.

  • 2.

    Talk about the issue

    To change our way of doing things we have to address the issue. We cannot change what is yet unknown to most people, therefore we see it as our mission to spread awareness and inspire as many web designers, web developers and website owners around the world to change their way of creating web content. You can help us by participating on social media using our hashtag #SustainableWWW

  • 3.

    Teach sustainable methods

    We want to create a hub where web developers, web designers and website owners can get inspiration and knowledge on how to make their website sustainable.

  • 4.

    Make sustainability a trend

    We want to inspire web developers, web designers and website owners to share their knowledge about sustainable methods so others can join. We want to make sustainability a priority to both clients and designers so we can change the course of our internet before the issue becomes too big.