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The internet: A silent polluter

Lots of people accross the earth are using the internet daily, but most of them don't know the environmental impact it has to visit a website, load an image or watch a movie.

Statistics for 2020 claim the internet was responsible for 3.7% of the world wide CO2 emissions and it is expected to be doubled by 2025. Therefore if the internet was a country it would be the 6th most polluting.

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Facts about pollution

  • Crowd

    6th country

    In 2025 the internet will emit more carbon dioxide than any country except the U.S, China and India.

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  • Global warming


    More than 250,000 additional deaths per year is what climate change is expected to cause between year 2030 and 2050.

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  • Renewable energy

    28% renewable

    Renewable energy only made up 28% of global electricity used in 2020.

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